Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Historical Paint

Can a paint have a history? People talk with fondness about homes they once lived in or schools they went too. Do people ever remember paint color with fondness. I painted a room with a historical color this last week. It is used by a historical preservation society for some wonderful period home somewhere. Now it is in one of our bedrooms. Am I demeaning its historical value by putting it on the walls of a child's bedroom? Or will my child someday visit the historical location it came from and remember with fondness the room of his childhood?
My mind has been searching for memories of paint from my past. I think we had a pink painted basement once my mother hated and yet I don't think I would have flashback memories if presented with a swatch of the color. Now if I got a whiff of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, I would be inundated with memories. Is smell stronger via memory than sight?

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