Monday, May 21, 2012

The Blah Iris

Early this spring I went to a plant-swap and received several bags of iris bulbs. They told me the varieties, but in the commotion everything got mixed up. I planted them with no idea what colors I had. These are the first to bloom. Aren't they disappointing. I was expecting a glowing purple, a pristine white, or even a bright yellow. Instead I got these. They seem to be in flux. They can't decide whether to be brown or yellow so they are an icky color in between. I want to like them. I really want to like them. However, I'm struggling. What do you think? Here's a close-up:

Maybe I have changed too many diapers to like the yellow brown combo. On a brighter note another is starting to bloom and it looks like it might be purple; I'm hoping it doesn't change it's mind and aim for the colors of a bruise.


  1. Oh, so sad all your hard work came to remind you of a messy diaper! I's a weird color. I'll have to give you some of my irises sometimes...I have both bright purple and pristine white. My neighbor gave them to me a few years ago and they multiply like crazy!

  2. Can you tell me how you made the crochet letters? My first grandson will be born in October & they are going to name him Nathaniel. I would love to do his name as you did for your son. Thank you

  3. Ha, oh dear! You poor thing! What an awful colour for them to turn out! I hope you have some nicer ones this year. x