Friday, March 18, 2011


I have a weakness. Some people like chocolate or collecting gravy boats. I like plants. I counted my plants the other day and I have thirty-two. One of my thirty-two wasn't doing very well. Slowly it was losing more and more leaves and sickening. I couldn't revive it so I stuck some random seeds in the pot with it since I was already watering it. Time passed, lots of time, and I forgot what seeds I stuck in the pot.
This is a picture of the plant now. It looks like clover seeds and something else (maybe clementines). I am excited to see what happens as it grows. You can see the sticks left over from the dead plant in amongst the new ones. Don't you love spring? I do and this week I will celebrate getting married to my husband,the birth of my father and the birth of my grandmother. All of these occasions represent a wonderful preview to the start of spring on Sunday: they are beginnings. May all beginnings end out as wonderful.

On another plant note: After two years, my Christmas Cactus is finally budding. So far there is only one bud. I hope it survives long enough to bloom.

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