Monday, March 28, 2011

Fly, Bird, Fly!

Last week was spring break for us. We decided, amongst other things, to take the kids roller skating for the first time. Here is the scenario: four young kids, two parents and a bunch of wheeled shoes. Nothing could go wrong, right?
They hated it. Yep, hated.
Okay, Isaac said it was, “Not that fun” so maybe hate is a strong word.
Now in hindsight I remember I hated skating the first time…and the second time… and maybe now I know why we don’t skate very often.
We will probably take them a second time soon, and a third time after that, until they decide it is fun. We do things like this because as parents it is our job to push our kids a little out of their comfort zone. Have you ever heard what birds do to their young? This is much better than pushing them out of the nest.

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